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The following are abbreviated versions of some of our library policies.
For a full list policies and more details, please refer to the links to the left.
To register for a Frank J. Basloe library card a patron must live, work, or go to school in Herkimer County. The card may be used at all 43 Mid-York Libraries located in Herkimer, Oneida and Madison counties. Registration forms will need to be completed and photo identification will be required as well as proof of current address. The following are acceptable photo identifications: A high school photo ID, a sheriff’s ID, or a driver’s license or passport, plus an item showing a current address. To ensure there are no duplicate accounts, staff is responsible to verify the potential borrower does not have an existing library record on Workflows. A library card might not be issued right away if further verification is needed or a decision about the application is needed from the Library Director or Assistant Director.

Adult library cards:
A Library card will be issued to adult borrowers (age 14 and over) who have valid identification listing a current address.

Juvenile library cards:
Children between ages five (5) and fourteen (14) may obtain a library card with the signature of a parent or guardian. If the 14-year-old has photo id they may obtain a library card without a parent/guardian signature.

The Frank J. Basloe Library charges fines for overdue materials. Fines are as follows:
  • books, audiobooks, magazines: 15¢ per day
  • DVDs: $2.00 per day

The Basloe Library welcomes all patrons in good standing with the library to use its public computers. Non-library patrons will be issued a temporary guest pass to use the computers.

The eight (8) public computers in the main library room, the Genealogy Room and study room are reserved for patrons 12 years of age and older. The two public computers in the Children’s room are reserved for the use of children up to the age of 12 years.

All patrons must use the public computers and our wireless network in a responsible, ethical, and legal manner, in line with the standards of Basloe Library and of the community. Any patron who has been discovered using a public computer for a malicious, criminal, obscene or indecent purpose—whether in language or in image—will be denied the privilege of computer use forever. A police incident report will be completed.

The Library will post informational flyers and posters as space permits. Items are limited to those that promote civic, cultural and educational activities and information of interest to the community. Items promoting private, political, or commercial activities or religious promotion or conversion will not be posted. All items must be approved by the Library Director before they are posted. Library staff will handle the posting and updating of the bulletin board. The Board of Trustees retains the right of final approval of any bulletin board item and will make that judgement when necessary.

Parents may not leave children under age 10 unattended in the library. The Basloe Library is not responsible for any child left unattended in the library. Unattended children could become stranded at closing time or during an unexpected closing. In this situation, if no parent or guardian is available or reachable by phone, police assistance will be requested for the safety of the child.

The Children’s Room must be closed unless a staff member is available to monitor the room OR a parent/guardian accompanies children. No one under age 12 may use the Children’s Room unless they are accompanied by a parent/guardian or staff member. No one age 12 and over may use the computers in the Children’s Room.

The library requires that patrons and staff maintain an environment conducive to study. All people on library premises are expected to be engaged in a suitable educational, informational, or cultural activity. No person shall engage in violent behavior; make unreasonable noise; use abusive or obscene language to other patrons or library staff; intimidate; physically or sexually harass others; obstruct pedestrian traffic; loiter; steal or damage library property; gamble; litter; or create a hazardous or offensive condition not mentioned herein.

Smoking in the library building, park, or on the grounds is not permitted per Village and New York State ordinance.