Patron Use of Computers

ELIGIBILITY: The use of the Frank J. Basloe Library’s public computers is a privilege similar to borrowing library books and using its reference materials.  The Basloe Library welcomes all patrons in good standing to use its public computers. To use a computer:

  1. You must have a current, valid library card issued by the Mid-York Library System.
  2. You must have no outstanding library fines or be willing to pay $1 per use towards your outstanding fine of $5 or more.
  3. You must have no restrictions noted in your library card record.
  4. The Basloe Library welcomes out-of-town visitors to use its computers using a Guest Pass.

TIME LIMITS: There is a 60 minute time limit on use of all public computers.  Patrons may get additional time if their computer has not been reserved or if no other patrons are waiting. Patrons may reserve a computer by asking at the Circulation Desk.

PRINTING: All public computers and the Genealogy Room computer will print out behind the Circulation Desk. Basloe Library charges 20 cents for black and white and 50 cents for color print outs.  Patrons are required to pay for all printing that they order while using the computer, including mistakes.

INTERNET ACCESS ON THE WIFI NETWORK “HERKIMER PUBLIC”: All rules of our Computer Use Policy apply to the library’s wireless (wifi) network “Herkimer Public”. Library staff cannot assist patrons with the configuration of their laptops, wireless cards, or system settings.

PRIVACY: Basloe Library cannot ensure your privacy when you use one of our public computers or the wireless “wifi” network. Remember that the computer terminals are in a public space in full view of all. Also, the World Wide Web, email, and other two-way Internet communications and transactions are not perfectly secure.  Laptop users using the wireless network are urged to utilize virus protection, personal firewalls, and other measures to protect information on their laptop since data transferred on the network is not encrypted.

CODE OF CONDUCT: All patrons must use the public computers and our wireless network in a responsible, ethical, and legal manner, in line with the standards of Basloe Library and of the community.  Any patron who has disobeyed or disregarded the above rules and procedures or who has been discovered using a public computer for a malicious, criminal, obscene or indecent purpose – whether in language or in image – will be denied the privilege of computer use forever.  A police incident report will be completed. First offense: loss of computer use privileges for one (1) week. Second offense: loss of computer use privileges for one (1) month. Third offense: loss of computer use privileges forever.  

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