Washburn Meeting Room

The Washburn Meeting Room in the Frank J. Basloe Library was established in 1974, at the same time the current library building was being converted into a library space. Funding was provided by a local group of residents comprising the Washburn Corportation, which own an old building on Court Street where women’s organizations met for many years. This building was closed at the same time the old Herkimer library building closed due to similar safety and maintenance concerns. The Washburn Corporation is no longer in existence.

The Washburn Meeting room continues to be heavily used by the community. In 2010, the Library Trustees, the Friends of the Basloe Library, and several volunteers held a fundraiser to outfit the room with a digital video projector, a movie screen, and a sound system. The lighting was upgraded shortly afterward with new energy-efficient fixtures and recessed low-lighting fixtures.

Please contact the library to request the Washburn Meeting Room. Request forms can be found here and must be approved by the library director.

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